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VERDI - DON CARLO 3CD  825646908332



27,99 лв.
Продуктът не е наличен.
ISBN 825646908332
Носител CD
Година на издаване 2016
Стил Класическа музика


CD 1
1. Introduction - on, Hunter! Ready or Beast (1. Akt)
2. Fontainebleau! Forest Immense and Lonely!
3. I Saw Her and Her Smile
4. The Sound of the Horn in the Woods at Last Silent
5. At My Feet ', Why?
6. What Love, What Ardor
7. Ch'ora Is Faithful to, or Mrs.
8. The Fateful Hour Has Struck!
9. Hymns of Celebration Are Pleased Echoed
10. The Glorious King of France
11. Bless You, God of the Sky!
12. Prelude (2. Akt)
13. Charles the Supreme Emperor
14. The Cloister of San Giusto
15. And He! He! Infant!
16. This Arcane By the King Was Not Sospreso Yet?
17. God, That Nell'alma Instill Love
18. Under the Thick, Immense Fir
19. Traqueste Walls Pious Queen of Spain
20. In Giardind Saracens and Beautiful Hostel
21. The Queen!... Secret Sorrow
22. What Ever You Do in Wont French
23. Carlo, Sole Joy of Our Love
24. I Come to Crave
25. Lost Well, I Only Tresor
26. Oh! Carlo! Oh! Carlo!

CD 2
1. King!... Why Is Only the Queen?
2. Do Not Weep, My Partner
3. Raids! to My Royal Presence
4. Sir, from Flanders Arrival
5. This Is the Peace You Give to the World?
6. Thine Glance Dared to Penetrate My Threshold?
7. Prelude (3. Akt)
8. At Midnight, the Queen Giardin
9. Heavens! It Is Not the Queen!
10. Who Said That?
11. To My Fury, Escaped Vain
12. And I, Who Was Shaking His Appearance!
13. Trembles for You, False Son
14. Carlo! If Ever Important If You Sheets Serbs
15. Popped Up Here on the Day of Gladness
16. The Corteggior Eale
17. Hatching or Is the Door of the Temple!
18. In Posar on My Cappo Crown
19. To God You Were Untrustworthy, Treacherous to Your King
20. Sire! He Is Long I Live!
21. Heavens! You! Rodrigo!

CD 3
1. Introduction (4. Akt)
2. She Never Loved Me!
3. I Sleep Only in My Royal Mantle
4. Grand 'Inquisitor!
5. Nell'ispano Wont Ever Heresy Dominated
6. My Father, Who Among Us Peace Even Hotels
7. Justice, Justice, Sire!
8. Ardita Too Favellate You!
9. Ah! He Cursed, Suspected Fatal
10. Have Mercy! Have Mercy! Perdon!
11. Ah! Most Will Not See the Queen! O Don Fatale, or Don Cruel
12. O My Queen, I T'immolai
13. My Son, My Carlo
14. Come for Me Is Tthe Day Supreme
15. What You Speak of Death?
16. Or Charles, Listen, the Mother Is Waiting for You
17. Ah! I Will Die, But Happy in Core
18. My Carlo, Ate the Sword I Give
19. Introduktion (5. Akt)
20. You Who Vanities
21. Charles Will Be Here! Yup!
22. Goodbye! Farewell, Beautiful Dreams of ÔR
23. You Who Vanities
24. And She!... One Said, a Sol
25. M'arrise Vague Dream!
26. But Above We Shall Meet
27. Yes for Ever!


Класическа музика

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