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Thunder ‎- The Very Best Of - 3CD by

Thunder ‎- The Very Best Of - 3CD


  1. She's So Fine
  2. Dirty Love
  3. Higher Ground
  4. Backstreet Symphony
  5. Love Walked in
  6. Gimme Some Lovin'
  7. Englishman on Holiday, an
  8. Stay with Me
  9. Low Life in High Places
  10. Everybody Wants Her
  11. Laughing on Judgement Day
  12. Empty City
  13. Like a Satellite
  14. Today the World Stopped Turning
  15. Better Man, a
  16. Bigger Than Both of Us
  17. Damage Is Done, the
  18. Gimme Shelter
  19. Moth to the Flame
  20. I'Ll Be Waiting
  21. River of Pain
  22. Castles in the Sand
  23. Stand Up
  24. Preaching From a Chair
  25. Till the River Runs Dry
  26. In a Broken Dream
  27. Once in a Lifetime
  28. One Pretty Woman
  29. Loser
  30. I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll
  31. Devil Made Me Do It, the
  32. On the Radio
  33. Love Worth Dying for, a
  34. Just Another Suicide
  35. She's So Fine
  36. Backstreet Symphony
  37. Until My Dying Day
  38. Higher Day
  39. Don't Wait for Me
  40. Fired Up
  41. Dirty Love
  42. 5.15
  43. All the Way From Memphis
  44. Another Shot of Love
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Thunder ‎- The Very Best Of - 3CD

Label:EMI ‎– 50999 6 99301 2 6, EMI Gold ‎– 50999 6 99301 2 6, EMI Gold ‎– 699 3012
Format:3 × CD, Compilation, Box Set
Style:Hard Rock

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CD 1
1.She's So Fine
2.Dirty Love
3.Higher Ground
4.Backstreet Symphony
5.Love Walked in
6.Gimme Some Lovin'
7.Englishman on Holiday, an
8.Stay with Me
9.Low Life in High Places
10.Everybody Wants Her
11.Laughing on Judgement Day
12.Empty City
13.Like a Satellite
14.Today the World Stopped Turning
15.Better Man, a

CD 2
1.Bigger Than Both of Us
2.Damage Is Done, the
3.Gimme Shelter
4.Moth to the Flame
5.I'Ll Be Waiting
6.River of Pain
7.Castles in the Sand
8.Stand Up
9.Preaching From a Chair
10.Till the River Runs Dry
11.In a Broken Dream
12.Once in a Lifetime
13.One Pretty Woman
15.I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll
16.Devil Made Me Do It, the
17.On the Radio

CD 3
1.Love Worth Dying for, a
2.Just Another Suicide
3.She's So Fine
4.Backstreet Symphony
5.Until My Dying Day
6.Higher Day
7.Don't Wait for Me
8.Fired Up
9.Dirty Love
11.All the Way From Memphis
12.Another Shot of Love

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