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Runrig ‎- Original Album Series - 5 CD by

Runrig ‎- Original Album Series - 5 CD


  1. Alba    
  2. The Cutter    
  3. Hearts Of Olden Glory        
  4. Pride Of The Summer        
  5. Worker For The Wind        
  6. Rocket To The Moon    
  7. The Only Rose        
  8. Protect And Survive    
  9. Our Earth Was Once Green        
  10. An Ubhal As Airde (The Highest Apple)    
  11. News From Heaven    
  12. Every River        
  13. City Of Lights        
  14. Eirinn        
  15. Tir A Mhurain        
  16. World Appeal        
  17. Tear Down These Walls        
  18. Only The Brave    
  19. Siol Ghoraidh        
  20. That Final Mile    
  21. Small Town        
  22. Precious Years    
  23. Headlights        
  24. Healer In Your Heart    
  25. Abhainn An T-Sluaigh - The Crowded River        
  26. Always The Winner        
  27. This Beautiful Pain        
  28. An Cuibhle Mor - The Big Wheel
  29. Edge Of The World        
  30. Hearthammer        
  31. I'll Keep Coming Home        
  32. Flower Of The West    
  33. Amazing Things        
  34. Wonderful        
  35. The Greatest Flame        
  36. Move A Mountain        
  37. Pog Aon Oidhche Earraich (A Kiss One Spring Evening)        
  38. Dream Fields        
  39. Song Of The Earth        
  40. Forever Eyes Of Blue        
  41. Sraidean Na Roinn Eorpa (Streets Of Europe)    
  42. Canada        
  43. Ard (High)        
  44. On The Edge        
  45. Day In A Boat        
  46. Nothing But The Sun        
  47. The Mighty Atlantic - Mara Theme (Orchestral Mix)    
  48. Things That Are        
  49. Road And The River        
  50. Meadhan Oidhche Air An Acairseid        
  51. The Wedding        
  52. The Dancing Floor        
  53. Thairis Air A Ghleann        
  54. Lighthouse
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Runrig ‎- Original Album Series - 5 CD

Label:Chrysalis ‎– 2564636185
Series:Original Album Series –
Format:Box Set, Compilation
Genre:Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Style:Folk Rock


CD 1
2.The Cutter    
3.Hearts Of Olden Glory        
4.Pride Of The Summer        
5.Worker For The Wind        
6.Rocket To The Moon    
7.The Only Rose        
8.Protect And Survive    
9.Our Earth Was Once Green        
10.An Ubhal As Airde (The Highest Apple)    
CD 2
1.News From Heaven    
2.Every River        
3.City Of Lights        
5.Tir A Mhurain        
6.World Appeal        
7.Tear Down These Walls        
8.Only The Brave    
9.Siol Ghoraidh        
10.That Final Mile    
11.Small Town        
12.Precious Years    
CD 3
2.Healer In Your Heart    
3.Abhainn An T-Sluaigh - The Crowded River        
4.Always The Winner        
5.This Beautiful Pain        
6.An Cuibhle Mor - The Big Wheel
7.Edge Of The World        
9.I'll Keep Coming Home        
10.Flower Of The West    
CD 4
1.Amazing Things        
3.The Greatest Flame        
4.Move A Mountain        
5.Pog Aon Oidhche Earraich (A Kiss One Spring Evening)        
6.Dream Fields        
7.Song Of The Earth        
8.Forever Eyes Of Blue        
9.Sraidean Na Roinn Eorpa (Streets Of Europe)    
11.Ard (High)        
12.On The Edge        
CD 5
1.Day In A Boat        
2.Nothing But The Sun        
3.The Mighty Atlantic - Mara Theme (Orchestral Mix)    
4.Things That Are        
5.Road And The River        
6.Meadhan Oidhche Air An Acairseid        
7.The Wedding        
8.The Dancing Floor        
9.Thairis Air A Ghleann        

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