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Pinkpantheress - Heaven knows - CD by

Pinkpantheress - Heaven knows - CD


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Pinkpantheress - Heaven knows - CD

Building upon the critical success of her mixtape "to hell with it," PinkPantheress delves deep into introspection with her debut album. Here, she embarks on a journey through various facets of human connection, exploring the realms of romance, parasocial bonds, materialistic pursuits, grief, and the quest for solace within solitude.

Crafted and penned entirely by PinkPantheress herself, this 13-track album comes to life through the collaborative efforts of both familiar and fresh talents. Alongside collaborators like Greg Kurstin, Mura Masa, Danny L Harle, Count Baldor, Phil, Cash Cobain, and more, PinkPantheress weaves a new tapestry of emotions in her songwriting. The result is an album that unveils a previously unseen emotional depth, seamlessly blending her saccharine vocals with irresistibly catchy production.


  1. Another Life (featuring Rema);
  2. True Romance;
  3. Mosquito;
  4. The Aisle;
  5. Nice to Meet You (featuring Central Cee);
  6. Bury Me (featuring Kelela);
  7. Internet Baby (Interlude);
  8. Ophelia;
  9. Feel Complete;
  10. Blue Feelings;
  11. Capable of Love;
  12. Boy's a Liar Pt. 2 (with Ice Spice).

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