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Night Shift

The No. 1 bestselling author’s first classic collection of short stories which showcases the depths of his brilliant imagination – now with a stunning new cover look.

Не е наличен

A collection of tales to invade and paralyse the mind as the safe light of day is infiltrated by the shadows of the night.
As you read, the clutching fingers of terror brush lightly across the nape of the neck, reach round from behind to clutch and lock themselves, white-knuckled, around the throat.
This is the horror of ordinary people and everyday objects that become strangely altered; a world where nothing is ever quite what it seems, where the familiar and the friendly lure and deceive. A world where madness and blind panic become the only reality.

Stories include:

  • Jerusalem’s Lot;
  • Graveyard Shift;
  • Night Surf;
  • I Am the Doorway;
  • The Mangler;
  • The Boogeyman;
  • Gray Matter;
  • Battleground;
  • Trucks;
  • Sometimes They Come Back;
  • Strawberry Spring;
  • The Ledge;
  • The Lawnmower Man;
  • Quitters, Inc.;
  • I Know What You Need;
  • Children of the Corn;
  • The Last Rung on the Ladder;
  • The Man Who Loved Flowers;
  • One for the Road;
  • The Woman in the Room.

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