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Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby - CD


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Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby - CD

American gothic pop star Melanie Martinez revealed her new persona with a shocking visual concept last year. Now, after a tour of Japan earlier this year, she has finally released the deluxe edition of her breakthrough 2015 album "CRY BABY" on CD, featuring her new persona and her "other persona" "CRY BABY," who has announced her death! American gothic pop star Melanie Martinez is a multi-talented artist who expresses her art and story not only through her music, but also through her videos. She is a visual artist from Baldwin, New York, whose dark and emotional pop sound has gained an overwhelming following among teenagers around the world, and she has a cult following. She has just revealed her new persona with her new album "PORTALS" last April, and performed artistically live here in Japan in January this year.The deluxe edition of CRY BABY, her international breakthrough debut album released in 2015, is now available on CD following its distribution and analog release.

The album is a storybook of childhood episodes and images, adolescent ego and romantic concerns, and a pop-cute, yet darkly shadowy world. It has been a worldwide hit with over 1 billion streaming views for two consecutive years. From the album, "Carousel" reached the Top 10 of the U.S. iTunes Alternative Chart, and "Dollhouse" has been an entry on the same Alternative Chart for nearly a year. When writing the songs for this album, which is colored in a cute but slightly tongue-in-cheek American Gothic Lolita fashion and a dark, emotional pop sound, Melanie says, "I wrote a list of things that reminded me of my childhood, and then I connected them to my current situation.The resulting songs include "Carousel," which describes a relationship that keeps going around in circles that never intersect, "It's My Party," in which the sadness of no one coming to a birthday party turns into anger, which in turn changes people, and "Doll House," which describes the breakdown of a family. The album is filled with dark pop sounds and the concerns of an impressionable generation such as ego, love, and relationships that every adolescent girl who has yet to grow up must be dealing with. (1/2)


  1. Cry Baby;
  2. Dollhouse;
  3. Sippy Cup;
  4. Carousel;
  5. Alphabet Boy;
  6. Soap;
  7. Training Wheels;
  8. Pity Party;
  9. Tag, You're It;
  10. Milk and Cookies;
  11. Pacify Her;
  12. Mrs. Potato Head;
  13. Mad Hatter;
  14. Play Date (Bonus Tracks);
  15. Teddy Bear (Bonus Tracks);
  16. Cake (Bonus Tracks).

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