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Lil Uzi Vert - Pink Tape - 2 CD by

Lil Uzi Vert - Pink Tape - 2 CD


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Lil Uzi Vert - Pink Tape - 2 CD

Philly rapper Lil Uzi Vert was never stylistically timid, experimenting with genre boundaries as early as their 2017 emo/rap-dabbling effort Luv Is Rage 2. Even with their adventurous background, Uzi has never taken things quite to the extremes found on third studio album The Pink Tape, which flits from sinister trap bangers like the Travis Scott-assisted "Aye" to pop-friendly moments like "Endless Fashion" featuring Nicki Minaj to chugging groove metal and rap synthesis on "Suicide Doors," and even on to straight-up metalcore with help from Bring Me the Horizon on "Werewolf." Plenty of rappers have expanded their sound by bringing in unexpected elements of metal and hardcore, but few have covered System of a Down as Uzi faithfully does on "CS" (shorthand for one of their biggest songs, "Chop Suey!"). Among the more extreme metal moments, The Pink Tape also gets into frantic and bubbly electronic beats on "x2" and moody, vaporous atmospheric trap on "Patience," which is bolstered by Don Tolivers contributions. 


CD 1 

  1. Flooded The Face;
  2. Suicide Doors;
  3. Aye (feat. Travis Scott);
  4. Crush Em;
  5. Amped;
  6. x2;
  7. Died and Came Back;
  8. Spin Again;
  9. That Fiya;
  10. I Gotta;
  11. Endless Fashion (feat. Nicki Minaj);
  12. Mama, I'm Sorry;
  13. All Alone;
  14. Nakamura;
  15. Just Wanna Rock. 

CD 2 

  1. Fire Alarm;
  2. CS;
  3. Werewolf (feat. Bring Me The Horizon);
  4. Pluto to Mars;
  5. Patience (feat. Don Toliver);
  6. Days Come and Go;
  7. Rehab;
  8. The End (feat. BABYMETAL);
  9. Zoom;
  10. Of Course;
  11. Shardai.

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