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Leonard Cohen ‎- Original Album Classics - 3CD by

Leonard Cohen ‎- Original Album Classics - 3CD


  1. Is This What You Wanted
  2. Chelsea Hotel #2
  3. Lover Lover Lover
  4. Field Commander Cohen
  5. Why Don't You Try
  6. There Is a War
  7. A Singer Must Die
  8. I Tried to Leave You
  9. Who by Fire
  10. Take This Longing
  11. Leaving Green Sleeves
  12. True Loves Leaves No Traces
  13. Iodine
  14. Paper Thin Hotel
  15. Memories
  16. I Left a Woman Waiting
  17. Don't Go Home with Your Hard-on
  18. Fingerprints
  19. Death of a Ladies' Man
  20. The Guests
  21. Humbled in Love
  22. The Window
  23. Came So Far for Beauty
  24. The Lost Canadian
  25. The Traitor
  26. Our Lady of Solitude
  27. The Gypsy's Wife
  28. The Smokey Life
  29. Ballad of the Absent Mare
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Leonard Cohen ‎- Original Album Classics - 3CD

Label:Sony Music ‎– 88697623312, Legacy ‎– 88697623312, Columbia ‎– 88697623312
Series:Original Album Classics –
Format:3 × CD, Album, ReissueBox Set, Compilation
Style:Folk Rock, Pop Rock

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CD 1
1.Is This What You Wanted
2.Chelsea Hotel #2
3.Lover Lover Lover
4.Field Commander Cohen
5.Why Don't You Try
6.There Is a War
7.A Singer Must Die
8.I Tried to Leave You
9.Who by Fire
10.Take This Longing
11.Leaving Green Sleeves

CD 2
1.True Loves Leaves No Traces
3.Paper Thin Hotel
5.I Left a Woman Waiting
6.Don't Go Home with Your Hard-on
8.Death of a Ladies' Man

CD 3
1.The Guests
2.Humbled in Love
3.The Window
4.Came So Far for Beauty
5.The Lost Canadian
6.The Traitor
7.Our Lady of Solitude
8.The Gypsy's Wife
9.The Smokey Life
10.Ballad of the Absent Mare

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