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Kajagoogoo & Limahl ‎- Original Album Series 5 CD by

Kajagoogoo & Limahl ‎- Original Album Series 5 CD


  1. White Feathers
  2. Too Shy
  3. Lies & Promises
  4. Magician Man
  5. Kajagoogoo (Instrumental)
  6. Ooh to Be Ah
  7. Ergonomics
  8. Hang On Now
  9. This Car Is Fast
  10. Frayo
  11. The Lion's Mouth
  12. Big Apple
  13. The power to forgive
  14. Melting The Ice Away
  15. Turn Your Back On Me
  16. Islands
  17. On A Plane
  18. Part Of Me Is You
  19. The loop
  20. Do I
  21. Shouldn't Do That
  22. Your Appetite
  23. Rivers
  24. Sit Down & Shut Up
  25. Afraid Of You
  26. Jigsaw
  27. Fear Of Falling
  28. Charm Of A Gun
  29. You Really Take My Breath Away
  30. Don't Suppose
  31. That Special Something
  32. Your Love
  33. Too Much Trouble
  34. Never Ending Story
  35. Only For Love
  36. I Was A Fool
  37. The Waiting Game
  38. Tar Beach
  39. Oh Girl
  40. Love In Your Eyes
  41. Colour All My Days
  42. Nothing On Earth (Can Keep Me From You)
  43. Tonight Will Be The Night
  44. Working Out
  45. Don't Send For Me
  46. Shock
  47. Inside To Outside
  48. Love Will Tear The Soul
  49. For My Heart's Sake
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Kajagoogoo & Limahl ‎- Original Album Series 5 CD

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Label:Parlophone ‎– 2564636193
Series:Original Album Series –
Format:Box Set, Compilation
Released:24 Jan 2014
Genre:Electronic, Pop
Style:Synth-pop, New Wave, Europop


CD 1
1.White Feathers
2.Too Shy
3.Lies & Promises
4.Magician Man
5.Kajagoogoo (Instrumental)
6.Ooh to Be Ah
8.Hang On Now
9.This Car Is Fast

CD 2
1.The Lion's Mouth
2.Big Apple
3.The power to forgive
4.Melting The Ice Away
5.Turn Your Back On Me
7.On A Plane
8.Part Of Me Is You
9.The loop
CD 3
1.Do I
2.Shouldn't Do That
3.Your Appetite
5.Sit Down & Shut Up
6.Afraid Of You
8.Fear Of Falling
9.Charm Of A Gun
10.You Really Take My Breath Away
CD 4
1.Don't Suppose
2.That Special Something
3.Your Love
4.Too Much Trouble
5.Never Ending Story
6.Only For Love
7.I Was A Fool
8.The Waiting Game
9.Tar Beach
10.Oh Girl

CD 5
1.Love In Your Eyes
2.Colour All My Days
3.Nothing On Earth (Can Keep Me From You)
4.Tonight Will Be The Night
5.Working Out
6.Don't Send For Me
8.Inside To Outside
9.Love Will Tear The Soul
10.For My Heart's Sake

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