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John Steel - Distorted Reality - 2 CD by

John Steel - Distorted Reality - 2 CD


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John Steel - Distorted Reality - 2 CD

John Steel - Distorted Reality - 2 CD

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Combining the power of traditional Heavy Metal with powerful and hook laden melodies. "Distorted Reality" featuring David Reece on all vocals brings forth a powerful new collection of songs (their third in total). Also included in this 2CD set are the first two John Steel releases "Freedom" (Blaze Bayley all vocals) and "Everything Or Nothing" (Doogie White vocals) making this the first worldwide release of the John Steel catalog featuring the full and complete studio recordings of the band.Includes 8 page lyric booklet.This is for fans of traditional 'Heavy Metal' such as Accept, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon and Savatage.

Disc: 1
  •  Black Deamon;
  •  Distorted Reality;
  •  Woman of Ice;
  •  Dante's Retribution;
  •  Evil the Spell;
  •  Messiah's Day;
  •  Rise from the Dead;
  •  Fallen Angel;
  •  War;
  •  Freedom;
  •  Change;
  •  The Crow;
  •  The Voice of Sorrow;
  •  Nightmare;
  •  Evil Sky;
  •  Intro;
  •  Creator;
  •  From Dusk 'Til Dawn;
  •  Forever and Always;
  •  Behind Closed Doors;
  •  Lost Messiah;
  •  One God;
  •  Spirit Lies;
  •  Wings of a Storm;
  •  Behold the Night;
  •  Emperor's New Clothes;
  •  Angel;
  •  Leviathan Rises.

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