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Goddesses and Heroines

  • Издател: DK

Meet More Than 80 Legendary Women From Around the World.

A beautifully illustrated collection of profiles and stories of women from religion and myth, retold for children

Discover the stories of goddesses and other powerful women shared throughout the ages in this beautifully illustrated compendium for children.

With profiles of over 80 goddesses, heroines, and legendary women featured, this is a must-have introduction to the key female figures from cultures all over the world. More than 30 beloved stories are retold by award-winning author Jean Menzies, with striking illustrations bringing the tales to life. Find out how Japanese goddess of the dawn Ame-no-Uzume saved the day by dancing; how ancient Greek witch Medea helped to defeat a dragon; and how legendary Celtic warrior Scathach trained the hero Co Chulainn to fight. In addition, the reference section is packed with extra information, including a pronunciation guide.

Goddesses and Heroines is the ideal gift, with foil on the cover and stunning illustrations throughout. Children will love exploring the tales by themselves or as bedtime stories.

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