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Е-книга Bulgaria guide - Подробен пътеводител за България на английски език


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Подробен пътеводител за България на английски език.


Bulgaria is a small country and often its treasures are neglected because of larger and more popular tourism destinations. But once travelers set foot onto this beautiful land, they will be amazed with the thousands of years of history, cultural diversity, warm people, well-established and preserved traditions and spectacular nature.

Did you know Bulgaria has over 100 active monasteries, over 40 mountains, and a myriad of thermal water springs that rank the country third in Europe in mineral water sources? Add the numerous ancient sanctuaries and tombs, nature phenomena, rural and ethnographic regions, fortresses, museums, caves, seaside attractions, extreme sports clubs and recreational centers, and you will get an idea of the large number of tourism opportunities in the country. We have prepared a concise overview of both the popular and the little known destinations and a little something for everyone’s taste. The text is up-to-date, written by Bulgarians and lavishly illustrated with photographs.
Book Boutique specializes in the production of tourism materials about Bulgaria and this guide takes our work a step further by answering the needs of the English-speaking traveler and explorer. Tourism is our passion, strength and professional occupation and we hope the book that you are holding in your hands is a good token of our expertise.

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